How to contribute a Song List

Please Email us a song list for the group
to play & enjoy on a future Saturday.
26 songs are ideal allowing time for a
few favorites from the players or visitors
The songs can be from book 1,2,3 or 4 or the
handout section on the SOB Website. New songs
can be uploaded to the Website so anyone can print them out
We love to learn new songs; but if you
choose a song that is unfamiliar to the leader
& most of the group, please be prepared to
lead it for the group
Send your list by e-mail to Cam Sobalvarro at
put your name at the bottom so we may all thank you,if there are any Saturdays that you would prefer to have your list used on, or any that you would like to avoid ( like when you will be away ), please include that information in your email! Thanks,See you at the beach!